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Tribal Art India

Art from the heart of India

Folk Art of India has a 30000-year rich history of art and culture. There are various tribes in India and most of them express themselves through art and songs. With time the art has moved from stone and mud walls to canvas.

Most of the Tribal artists are still fighting for survival. Many times they are thugged out by a middleman. 

Tribal Art India provides a platform to all tribal artist to sell their art directly to customers.

We are proud to serve customers in India, USA, UK, France,  Switzerland, Singapore and Many other countries

There are various folk art form in India such as Gond Art,  Bhil Art, Warli Folk Art, Tanjore Paintings,  Madhubani Painting, Saura Paintings, Pattachitra Painting, Kalamazethu Art, Khovar Art and Kavad or Kawad Art.

We welcome you to the incredible world of Folk Art where art piece have a history and story


Welcome To Tribal Art India

Small size tribal painting

Tribal Art India is founded to support various tribes and their art. 

In the world of technology where we are connected so close, the alluring art of Tribes of India still remains hidden.  Art is always being expression of what we see around. Folk art is still connected to the roots. Whether its Gond art,  Bhil art, Warli painting or Madhubani painting all have a rich history and stories which are expressed in Art form.

Deer Gond Tribal Art

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Get into the beautiful world of tribal art and paintings


Explore the beautiful world of Tribal arts

pithora art

Bhil Art- Pithora Art – Art of rituals and festivals

Introduction Bhils are the second biggest tribal community of India residing in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. Although Gonds and Bhils live in the same state yet their culture is completely different. Also, the flora and fauna of these tribes are completely different. Gonds live in the lush green forest of Satpura whereas Bhil comes from

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Jangarh Singh Shyam

Gond Art- Paintings that embeds nature as their soul

Gond Art- Painting that embeds nature as their soul Gond Art is an old traditional art made by Gond Tribes. Although the art is very old yet it has evolved as more contemporary art with new styles and emerging artists. Gond tribes are the largest tribes of India mainly found in states of the Madhya

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