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Tribal Art India brings you an amazing collection of Gond painting. From ancient times, humans have had a keen interest in decorating their walls with beautiful gond painting whether in caves or homes.

Gond painting started with the Gond tribe making a beautiful painting in their house. Gond tribe believes that seeing a good painting brings good luck and prosperity.

On every prosperous occasion, they repaint their mud walls with new gond painting. Gond paintings are highly inspired by nature and you can easily find animals, birds, and fishes in the paintings.

Many rituals and stories are presented as paintings,  almost all the paintings have a story behind them.

Gond painting has originated in the Dindori district of Madhya Pradesh, India. With time this tribal art has moved from walls to canvas.

Gond Painting Collection at Tribal Art India


We have an excellent collection of Gond art in different sizes and themes which will light up your walls.

For animal lovers, we have a gond paintings collection of Elephant paintings,  Deer Paintings, Lion Paintings, Tiger Paintings, cow paintings, and many more.

Gond tribes also make paintings of different rituals, festivals, and tribal life which look amazing in your living room.

Gonds are highly spiritual and that can be seen in their wall paintings also as many paintings of Bada Dev, Ganesh, Mahadev, Krishna and Radha, and many more.

Tribal areas are full of beautiful birds and Gond paintings have a huge collection of Birds in vibrant colors. Peacock is considered very important in folk wall paintings.

Why Buy Gond Painting from Tribal Art India

We know buying original Art online is a difficult decision. Unlike other websites buying a painting from ‘Tribal Art India’ comes with a 100 % customer satisfaction guarantee. All gond paintings are made by authentic gond artists only.

Some amazing reasons to shop from Tribal Art India

  1. All Tribal Paintings are made by authentic Tribal artists – We are committed to providing you the best of Art and that’s the reason all tribal paintings are made by respective Tribal artists only.
  2. Buying from Us helps the Tribal Artist and not the middleman – Tribal Art India is founded with a core aim to support different tribes artist and that’s the reason 85 percent of all the earnings goes directly to the artist. Rest is used for maintaining the website and other expenses.
  3. All paintings come with an authenticity certificate – We sell all paintings with certificates that make the painting more authentic.
  4. You get what you see and order – Another feature of Tribal Art India is that all canvas paintings are clicked in nature lights and you get exactly the same painting as you see. No doubt there can be some differences as all paintings are handmade, but be assured of a better-looking painting that you see on our website.
  5. Easy Exchange – You can always exchange your painting if the painting is not what you have expected or is damaged.
  6. All paintings are displayed on the website in the different styles of rooms and walls. All paintings are displayed with an exact aspect ratio to the room so you can easily select painting as per your room size and needs
  7. Customization is always available – If you select a painting and want it in different canvas sizes we can always customize the painting as per your need.

Hope you enjoy shopping with us

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Gond Painting?

Ans: Gond Art is a style of painting that is practiced by the Gond Tribe one of the largest tribal communities of India. Initially, they use to paint their walls which have gained popularity as an art form worldwide.

Q2. How GondPaintings are made?

Ans: Gond paintings are made by the use of dots and dashes. Every painting has a detailed work of dots and dashes which give it a unique look.

Q3: Do you ship paintings internationally?

Ans: Yes,  we ship wall paintings worldwide. We usually ship paintings in 7 days. They are properly packed with all safety precautions.

Q4: I like a gond painting but want it in a different size?

Ans: Yes, we customize gond painting as per your needs. Even you can get it made on your saree or dresses too.

Q5: How do know the gond paintings are on canvas or paper?

Ans: In every painting, their medium is mentioned whether they are on canvas, cloth, or paper.

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