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Gond artist painting

Tribal Gond Artist making a traditional Gond painting.

About Us

Tribal Art India is founded to help tribal artists across India. It brings all tribal paintings, arts, and handicrafts on a single platform.  For years tribal artists of India are struggling for the global recognization they deserve. Whole purpose of Tribal Art India is to help tribal artist.

The Struggle of Tribal Artist in India

Most of us who are visiting this website are doing well in life. During Lockdown also we survived easily. But for Tribal Artists things are completely different. Most of them are in very bad situation. Some Artist have move to big cities in a hope of better life Sadly most of them ended in a bad financial situation, living in slums. Those artist who were left behind in village in deep forest were struggling more as they didn’t even have reach to buyers.

Most of the Artist I have meet have being struggling their whole life. They are not very educated and end up selling their art very cheap. Many are being cheated by middleman. 

I met a family of artist who were on the verge of giving up this ancient art of painting. Many artist have moved to petty jobs.

How Tribal Art India Started

During the pandemic of Covid 19,  whole world was under lockdown. In the month of March, Indian Government announcement complete lockdown. This 3  month long lockdown led to financial crisis for many people across the country. 
Tribal Artist were already struggling financially, this lockdown broke them more.
Through some tweet we got to know about a Gond Tribal Artist who has being struggling for basic food and is being sleeping without any food for 3 nights. Social Activist Alok Agrawal and Chittaroopa Palit called the artist and bought some painting to give him immediate relief and clicked pictures of other painting which were posted on social media.

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Meet Our Team

Dushyant Dangi

Dushyant Dangi
Tribal Art India
Contact - +919630226231
Email - dangidushyant@tribalartindia.com

Onkar Dangi

Onkar Dangi
Overseas Marketing Manager
Email - onkardangi@tribalartindia.com

Sanskriti Agarwal

Sanskriti Agrawal
MBA IIM Raipur
E Mail - sanskriti@tribalartindia.com


Mohd Aashif
Web Developer
E Mail - aashif@tribalartindia.com

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