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Women Collect Mahua Canvas Painting-Gond Painting & Wall Decor


By Hirman Urweti

  • This Artistic piece ” Women Collect Mahua Canvas Painting” is a Gond Tribal Style of painting
  • Gond art is a traditional tribal art made by dashes and dots
  • Painting is on canvas and comes unframed.
  • The painting size is 48 inches Width X  70 inches Height.

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SIZE : 70 inches Width X  48 inches Height.
MEDIUM : Acrylic Paints
SURFACE : Canvas
TYPE : Unframed (Shipped in a cardboard tube with proper safety), Painting shown in frames is only for reference
ARTIST : Hiraman
CUSTOMIZATION : It can be customized. Contact us to get a quote at info@tribalartindia.com or call us at +919630226231
AUTHENTICITY : Authenticity certificate
RETURN  POLICY : No returns accepted unless the painting is received damaged.
CARE : Use a clean cloth to wipe the dust.

This Gond painting showcases tribal women collecting ‘Mahua’. Gond Tribal community considers themselves as guardians of Mahua.

Mahua mainly used for treatment and for making spirit. This spirit is consumed in most of the household. We can also see the Bada Dev statue under the tree. As the tribal consider these trees important and holy many times they’re used for praying and other activities.

During the flowering season, all the tribes go to the forest to collect the early morning dropping of ‘Mahua flower’. These flowers are used to make local alcohol drinks know as ‘Mahua’. Mahua is an essential drink for all tribal men and women during celebrations. As Gond painting is highly inspired by nature and surroundings as a result you can a lot of paintings of the Mahua tree.

Painting is made on high-quality canvas using acrylic paints and it lasts very long.

Gond Art has developed from the very heart of India, Madhya Pradesh.  Gond a tribal community in India use to decorate mud walls and floors with natural colors. The Gond people believe that seeing a good image brings good luck. These paintings have also been used by them as a way to record their history.



Weight 1.300 kg
Dimensions 135 × 9 × 8 cm



Blue, Gray, Green, Red, Yellow


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